Lion Coffee shares its delicious Iced Thai Mocha recipe

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With people spending so much time at home these days, it’s easy for coffee lovers to miss their favorite cafe. However, HI Now Host Kainoa Carlson is at Lion Coffee to learn a few tips from the masters about how you too can make some delicious coffee without even leaving the house.

To make the perfect cup of coffee at home, Sam Schank at Lion Coffee recommends a good, smooth coffee, like the Lion Diamond Head Roast coffee whole bean. Grind this with your coffee grinder at home, and you’re ready to start the process! To make your coffee at home, try using a French press or the pour-over method. You can also use an automatic drip brewer, however you won’t be able to customize your coffee like you would with the French press or pour-over methods.

“The coffee grind is extremely important to achieving that perfect cup of coffee because it has a lot to do with the length of time that water is in contact with the coffee, Schank explains.

In drip brewers, the coffee grind has to be fine enough for the water to extract the appropriate amount of coffee out of the grind. It’s fun to try it at home and experiment to find what you like! The French press is more forgiving because you can control the steep time. If the coffee is too fine, there’s more resistance.

Lion Coffee recommends only buying coffee from the store that you would use for a period of 2-3 weeks. Whole bean coffee keeps longer than ground coffee and should be stored in an air-tight canister in a cool, dark place that’s away from light and heat (not in a refrigerator).

Since summer is quickly approaching, Schank will be demonstrating how to make an iced Thai Mocha. It’s an easy, refreshing beverage to make in your own kitchen at home. You will need the following ingredients: Good coffee, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, ground chocolate (or chocolate syrup), whipped cream, and cinnamon for topping (optional).

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