Try Goma Tei’s spicy tan tan ramen and new breakfast menu at Kahala Mall

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When you think of Goma Tei, you probably find yourself craving ramen. However, Goma Tei at Kahala Mall is now also serving up a number of specialty items on its new breakfast menu. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson went to check it out.

Now every Wednesday through Sunday at Kahala Mall, you can now try Goma Tei’s new breakfast menu from 7 – 10:30 a.m. You may have seen its fluffy, Japanese-style soufflé pancakes on Instagram. These pancakes are soft, airy and a new trend out of Japan. Goma Tei also uses local ingredients to make its own lilikoi sauce with lilikoi puree from Maui and fresh strawberries to make the strawberry sauce.

You can also try Goma Tei’s soufflé cheese egg and waffle. The Japanese-style waffle is extra light and crispy, made with special flour imported from Japan. And don’t forget about the house special: The Spicy Kakuni Bao, a Japanese-style braised pork belly in a steamed bun with a fruit-based spicy sauce made in house.

Goma means “sesame,” and Tei is “a place for gathering.” The restaurant is also famous for its tan tan ramen, which is sesame based, so that explains the name! The restaurant roasts its own sesame and then grinds it into sesame paste. It’s a very traditional and time consuming way to process the sesame, but it ensures the quality and taste.

“We introduced our spicy tan tan ramen earlier this year. it is served with our special spicy sauce made with dried scallops, steamed cured ham, dried shrimp and fresh red chili pepper,” says Manager Jenny Lu.

Goma Tei serves up a homemade bone broth made with chicken pork and vegetables. This is cooked on a gas stove for over 24 hours, so it’s naturally rich in favor. The restaurant also just recently introduced the spicy kakuni udon and kakuni rice. Kakuni is Japanese style pork belly.

So next time you’re at Kahala Mall, be sure to visit Goma Tei for some delicious food — breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Goma Tei Ramen Kahala

4211 Waialae Ave

Honolulu, HI 96816

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