1938 Indochine brings best of Southeast Asian street food to Hawaii

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If you’re into experience and amazing food, there’s a new restaurant in town: 1938 Indochine. The restaurant offers dishes inspired by Southeast Asian street-food that are redefined with modern and sophisticated flavors. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson got to taste a few of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

After opening numerous restaurants throughout Southeast Asia, restaurateur Kevin Aoki brings a combination of flavors under one roof. By teaming up with a Vietnamese Chef from Paris, France, 1938 Indochine serves authentic flavors from Southeast Asia which carries traits of European influence.

“When you come into 1938, you’re gonna feel like you’re being transported to a small, little street in Southeast Asia,” says Aoki. “1938 was kind of a defining year where the French colonized in Southeast Asia and put their influence on their architecture, culture, and their food.”

Inspired by the era between the 1930s and the 1940s, 1938 Indochine offers an experience like none other. With contrasting layers and colors of Asia, the restaurant provides an ambiance devised of different Southeast Asian countries paired with its signature menu inspired by popular dishes and street foods.

“The bones here are French design and it’s layered with Asian decadence,” Aoki says. “We really wanted to bring that authenticity.”

Not only does 1938 Indochine transport you through its menu, but also through its curated decor that Aoki personally hand-selected and brought back from his travels.

The restaurant also offers cigars and hookah, as well as a large bourbon and whiskey selection. There’s even a private bar upstairs called Room 38. If you’re feeling adventurous, 1938 Indochine also has a Chef’s Tasting menu which is a 10-course meal that alternates every two weeks.

You can order online at 1938indochine.com or call the restaurant at (808) 545-7777.

1938 Indochine

602 Ala Moana Blvd

Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813

For more information: 1938indochine.com