HICraft Kitchen offers sandwich lovers an elevated comfort food experience

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Committed to elevating the simple craft of classic comfort food, HICraft Kitchen in Kakaako is turning out some of the best sandwiches, soups, and salads on Oahu. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson went to get a closer look at what’s on the menu.

HICraft Kitchen was created in an effort to offer an elevated experience with one of the simplest of all comfort foods – the sandwich.

“We expose guests to a higher craft of sandwich than one would typically expect,” says chef and owner Carlos Jorge.

“HICraft” also refers to the fact that the restaurant took painstaking measures to source most of the finish materials in its dining room from around Oahu. From the reclaimed and hand restored Waialae bowling alley floors that makeup the counter-top seating bar to the monkey tabletops sourced from Waianae, there are little pieces of history all around the eatery.

Jorge says the Shorty’s Rib is HICraft’s most popular sandwich to date, made with a signature 17-hour braised beef short rib that’s so soft, you can cut them with your thoughts! It’s also topped with a zesty carrot and jicama slaw, horseradish aioli and local Sumida Farms watercress.

“It’s a perfect example of balance between the rich hearty beef offset by the tangy zest of the horseradish and slaw,” Jorge says. ” Then all tied together with the peppery backbone of the watercress.”

HICraft strives to deliver the freshest product, and it does this by hand slicing all meats to order. HICraft Kitchen also offers some great weekend specials, so be sure to check in often to see what’s new! The eatery is located in Kakaako in among the Keauhou Lane retailers.

To place your order online, visit hicraft.revelup.com/weborder or call (808) 379-1842.

HICraft Kitchen

516 Keawe St #D

Honolulu, HI 96813

For more information: Instagram: @hicraft_kitchen