Health bar gives west Oahu residents healthy food and drink options

With its original location near Diamond Head in Waikiki, da Cove Health Bar and Cafe opened its second location in Ka Makana Ali’i in Kapolei. Host Kanoe Gibson joined da Cove’s manager Shay Arneho to make its latest Charcoalicious bowl using activated charcoal infused sorbet and to get a taste of some of its fresh, local fish plates.

Specializing in acai and pitaya bowls, fruit smoothies, healthy green salads and fruit and vegetable juices, da Cove now gives residents of West Oahu healthy food and drink options. Formerly Diamond Head Cove Bar, da Cove’s first location was founded by Marcus Marcos in Waikiki in 2003. Marcos fulfilled his dream of having a health bar that brought the community together. fter losing his battle to cancer in 2010, Marcos’ wife continued his legacy to provide food that would nourish the body in a “welcoming environment for good vibes, good food and local live music.” da Cove brings that same vibe to its newest location in Ka Makana Ali’i while expanding its menu to include breakfast.

da Cove sources it ingredients from local farmers and fishermen and carries exclusive items including Laird Hamilton’s coconut water with 72 minerals and aquamin, a marine algae which aids in the absorption of minerals and nutrients. Its newest menu item, the Charcoalicious bowl, is a coconut sorbet infused with activated charcoal, which helps with detoxification and digestion. This refreshing bowl is topped with fresh strawberries and bananas and can be complimented with fresh pa’i’ai for additional flavor and nutrition.

da Cove has live local entertainment during its ‘awa nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7 to 9 p.m. ‘awa is a soothing drink made from the kava root that has medicinal properties and is often served as a tea.

da Cove is open M-F from 10-9PM, Sat. 9AM-9PM, and Sun. 10AM-6PM.

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