Hoʻokipa hospitality employee at Aulani Resort

Sponsored by Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Aulani Resort employs more than 1700 people in a variety of unique roles. Since opening in 2011, Aulani Resort has been dedicated to sharing the stories of Hawaii through immersive activities, storytelling and entertainment. Now, they’re taking the commitment to celebrating Hawaii even further by engaging their own Cast Members in the creation of new entertainment shows.

Angela Escontrias is helping to create new Disney shows at Aulani Resort that help guests learn more about Hawaii, and truly understand the meaning of aloha. Angela has been a performer in Hawaii for nearly 40 years. She started with Aulani Resort more than 12 years ago as an opening Cast Member to help further share Hawaiian music, language and culture with guests from around the world.

A new holiday show called He Mo’olelo Hemolele will debut at Aulani Resort this December, created and produced by Angela and other Aulani Cast Members, and celebrating the Hawaiian stories and traditions of the holiday season.

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