Transforming Hawai‘i’s public libraries

Sponsored by Transform Hawai’i Government

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Our state government touches the lives of every individual in Hawai’i, all ages on all islands, across the socioeconomic spectrum. As a nonprofit organization, Transform Hawai’i Government (THG) partners with state leaders to reimagine how government services can be delivered in a more effective and efficient way to help everyone in Hawaiʻi thrive. When state government has the technology and tools, we can all benefit from better, more informed decision-making to meet the needs of Hawai’i residents.

Modernization takes on many different forms, from underlying backbone systems to consumer apps. But all modernization projects are complex and challenging. It’s much more than simply changing an IT system. It requires paying close attention to the people aspects of change and businesses processes. The Hawaii State Public Library System is an excellent example of modernization now occurring within our state government. They are reinventing themselves in an exciting way. They have redefined what it means to be a library, and have put themselves in the customer’s place to develop new services.

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