Bayer Hawaii creates solutions for those in need

Sponsored by Bayer Hawaii

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Bayer Hawaii is always looking for ways to support the community. There are an estimated 15,000 unhoused people in Hawaii, and the work IHS does to support them is unparalleled. This is the season of gratitude and warmth, and Bayer Hawaii can think of no better way to show gratitude and share warmth than by visiting and supporting our unhoused neighbors in LeaderServe Friday.

This program is a unique opportunity for community, business and political leaders to get involved with IHS and directly support their unhoused neighbors. Organizations and their teams visit IHS onsite to serve meals at the mens’ shelter in Honolulu. It allows the organizations to connect on a deeper level with the communities where they live and work, while also engaging their employees.

There are so many ways to chip in – from volunteering to serve meals, to sorting donations, to editing resumes with our employment program, there’s a volunteer opportunity for everyone. Visit to learn more or to donate.

In the season of giving, Bayer Hawaii has recently donated $5,000 to IHS, which will pay for meals for the unhoused and support IHS’ mission to create and offer tailored solutions for those in crisis.

For more information, visit Hawaii.Bayer.US.