Keep your children’s smiles bright with advice from Aiea Pediatrics

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HONOLULU (HI Now) - An essential part of a child’s overall health is their oral health. That’s why we rely on dentists to make sure their teeth, gums and mouth are healthy at an early age. Aiea Pediatrics partners in caring for both the mouth and body of their patients.

It’s recommended to take babies to their first dentist visit by their first birthday. Pediatricians and dentists create similar environments to ease fears when it comes to routine checkups. They all try to create an experience that feels familiar and comfortable for parents and their children. Just like pediatricians, dentists are there to provide guidance for parents, answer any questions about baby teeth and how to care for them.

They can also communicate any issues they come across that would impact development or milestones. Dentists can address baby bottle tooth decay and provide tips on how to keep their baby’s teeth healthy. Aiea Pediatrics usually refers their infants to the dentist around the nine-month marker to their first birthday. Thanks to the HDS Foundation, we have a packet to make it easy for parents to find a dentist and schedule an appointment.

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