Hawaii Dental Service supports youth through local programs

Sponsored by Hawaii Dental Service

HONOLULU (HI Now) - 60 years ago, the founders of HDS were 15 pioneering, local dentists who saw a need to provide quality dental care for the children of Hawaii Stevedores and improve oral health for local families. This year, they decided to focus on Hawaii’s youth through various programs such as The Aina Informatics Network – a program started by Iolani School that makes genomic science accessible to Hawaii’s public, private, and charter school students. HDS contributed half a million dollars towards this program because it prepares the next generation of scientists to take their place in the world and tackle future challenges!

The second major contribution they made was a multi-year, $340,000 pledge to the Hawaii Academy of Science to support the Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair and to create a new oral health science project award. HDS sees the value in empowering young scientists to pursue their passions and hoping a few may take interest in improving oral health here in the islands.

The third is a pilot program for Hawaii’s student athletes. HDS donated more than 10,000 mouth guards to protect and preserve the smiles of local athletes across the islands. They wanted to make sure that student athletes in public, private and charter high schools have access to quality, custom-fit mouth guards to protect their mouth, teeth and jaw, their overall health and their future!

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