Adventist Health Castle provides full services at Joint and Spine Center

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HONOLULU (HI Now) - Adventist Health Castle’s Joint and Spine Center provides a full range of services including hip and knee replacements, robotic services, and minimally invasive spine surgery. Kainoa Kalahele, a patient at Adventist Health Castle, shares his story and experience with the Joint and Spine Center!

Kainoa Kalahele, 49 years old, is an “average, local guy” who drives a truck for work. For more than two years, he had so much pain from arthritis in his hip joint that it was hard to work. Kainoa was used to participating in a lot of activities with friends and family, but the pain caused him to spend a lot of time at home alone. He tried non-surgical steroid injections, but they didn’t alleviate his pain. His only option was a total hip replacement.

He had the surgery at the Adventist Health Castle Joint and Spine Center in January 2021. By March 2021 he was back to work with no limitations! Now, 18 months later, he is still extremely happy. “My hip is like new, with no pain or movement issues.” Kainoa is typical of a lot of people his age who begin to experience chronic pain but delay doing anything about it. “The surgery was the best decision I’ve made,” he says. In addition to work, Kainoa is back to living life to the fullest and participating in any activity he chooses without pain.

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