Hanalani Schools’ Full-Tuition Scholarship helps students achieve bright futures

Sponsored by Hanalani Schools

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Hanalani Schools is helping their students achieve bright futures through the Thomas J. Vincent Foundation scholarship!

The Thomas J. Vincent Foundation scholarship gives students access to a private school education at Hanalani, which would otherwise be out of their reach. The scholarship can cover up to a full year of tuition and can be renewed until graduation. The endowment continues to grow thanks to Mr. Vincent and other donors, allowing us to make a greater impact and support as many students as possible.

Any new student entering grades 7 to 12 can apply for the Thomas J. Vincent scholarship. It’s awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and academic merit. The scholarship helps families immensely. Parents are happy that they can give their child a good education without worrying about whether or not they can afford it.

Hanalani focuses on the child as a whole, so students are challenged academically and taught to be a good person and care for others. These Christian values are core to Hanalani, and they make sure each student grows up with good morals and will do good things in their communities. Any child, regardless of their family’s financial standing, should have the opportunity to get a good education–that’s why they’re pleased to offer the Thomas J. Vincent scholarship!

Visit hanalani.org to apply!