New children’s book introduces the concept of grief to our keiki

Sponsored by Let Grace In

HONOLULU (HI Now) - “My Journey With the Wind, A magical story of grief” by local author and Child Life Specialist Ashley Wolfe, is the story of one child’s magical journey to the realization that their special bond, which seemed lost when their brother past, is actually still present in the love and memories that they shared. Children are often overlooked when siblings die as the adults in their lives are busy navigating their own grief journey. others just aren’t sure how to support children in grief. This book will help children and their care givers have a common language to talk about and express the various feelings of grief together through holistic therapeutic activities found at the end of the story.

All of the proceeds from this book go to programs and services offered to the community by Let Grace In, a local nonprofit organization supporting families in Hawaii grieving the death of a child. Their team of volunteer holistic workers provides monthly therapeutic events, annual family retreats and The Grief Recovery Method. At this time, they rely heavily on volunteer staff with varied professions as nurses, cultural practitioners, a counselors, and educators.

Ashley and the Let Grace In team are excited to offer staff support and training for educators, counselors, and healthcare professionals on how to use this book as well as other holistic modalities to support children and families as they journey through their grief together.

You can buy this book on Amazon and all of the proceeds will help continue to sustain programs and expand services for local families grieving the death of a child in our community. You can also visit the website directly to join Let Grace In as a grieving family or to partner in helping fund their therapeutic programs!

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