Corteva Agriscience educates the next generation in agriculture and sustainability

Sponsored by Corteva Agriscience Hawai’i

HONOLULU (HI Now) - With roots in Hawai’i dating back more than five decades, Corteva Agriscience is home to a 2,300-acre farm on O’ahu’s North Shore. The company is partnering with local farmers to help move the state closer to its goal of doubling local food production by 2030. Corteva has developed a successful partnership with the University of Hawai’i’s GoFarm program, one of the largest beginning farmer development programs in the nation, to provide training to a new generation of farmers. Some graduates of this program are now leasing land from Corteva and launching successful agricultural businesses supporting local initiatives.

At Corteva, sustainability matters — for farmers, for the land, in the community and in our operations. Home gardening is a big part of living sustainably. Here are some veggies that you can grow in your own home garden and some helpful tips for growing each:

•Lettuce: prefers cool weather and loves water.

•Kale: prefers cool weather and loves water. Harvest older leaves closer to bottom of plant weekly.

•Edamame: Prefers full sun, likes hot weather, and not too much water. Cut the whole plant at base when beans have filled seed pods and are still green.

•Swiss chard: prefers cool weather and loves water. Harvest the same as kale; this is a great substitute for spinach that can be grown all year in Hawai’i.

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