Kauai Museum Celebrates Kamehameha and pāʻū

Sponsored by King Kamehameha Celebration Commission

HONOLULU (HI Now) - The Kauai museum honored Kamehameha Day with an exhibition about the Kamehameha dynasty and pāʻū riders entitled “Pāʻū: a Hawaiian Tradition.” The exhibit showcases artifacts and cultural items from throughout Hawaiian history, highlighting pāʻū such as Queen Emma and her famous ride to Koke’e in 1871. It displays traditional pāʻū skirts as well as feather capes and lei hulu.

Pāʻū riding dates back to the late 1800s when King Kamehameha I was gifted horses. Women riders began to wear long riding skirts, or pāʻū to protect their undergarments.

Because the island of Kauai does not have a statue for a lei draping ceremony, it held a portrait lei draping ceremony instead.