The Honolulu Festival plays crucial part in helping local artists reach overseas audiences

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HONOLULU (HI Now) - HI Now host Kainoa Carlson caught up with local band Manoa DNA on the importance of the Honolulu Festival. The group has performed at the festival many times and says the event has been a major platform for a number of local artists!

“The Honolulu Festival has always been an amazing event, whether we were playing music or not,” says Lloyd Kawakami. “It allowed a lot of residents and visitors to see the many different traditions that are all throughout Japan and it’s amazing history. It’s been great to see it grow every year.”

The festival has grown to be one of Hawaii’s most anticipated events, each year bringing together thousands from around the world.

“We’ve been able to make connections over the years at the Honolulu Festival that has allowed us to expand our presence in Japan,” he adds. “We were also able to perform at the Nagaoka Winter Festival a few years ago and see the famed Nagaoka Fireworks that were displayed at a few previous Honolulu Festivals.”

“We’ve made up for it by trying different new things, but it definitely didn’t make up for the lost performances,” Kawakami says.

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