Dress your skin like you dress yourself with Climate Smart Spring Kit from Pour Moi

Sponsored by Pour Moi

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Ulli Haslacher from Pour Moi Skincare is back in the HI Now studio with Rachel Pacarro to share her newest product, the Climate Smart Spring Kit!

Our skin is constantly changing and adapting to the seasons throughout the year. During spring, weather in Hawaii can be very temperamental: one day it’s sunny and beautiful, and the next it’s pouring rain. Because of this, Pour Moi has developed a skincare kit you can use regardless of the weather! On sunny days, use the temper day cream and tropical day cream to keep your skin looking healthy and young. When it’s storming outside, use the marine day cream to help keep your skin nice and moisturized. The QR code on each bottle will lead you to a weather reporter on Pour Moi’s website so you’ll always know which product to use!

For more information: www.pourmoiskincare.com/Milwaukee