The benefits of water cremation on Hawaiian culture with Aloha Mortuary

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HONOLULU (HI Now) - Water Cremation is an eco-conscious option that will allow many Native Hawaiians to revisit cultural practices. Mililani Trask, attorney and Hawaiian advocate, is among those that are pushing for the legalization of this technology on the Hawaiian Islands. Listen in as she discusses the cultural and environmental benefits of water cremation.

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About Aloha Mortuary:

Aloha Mortuary is a young, start-up funeral home, that is locally owned and operated on the Islands. They are the only native Hawaiian owned funeral home on the islands. They officially opened in June 2021. With respect and reverence for the departed, Aloha Mortuary helps the community honor, celebrate, and remember the lives gone before us. As a company, they are committed to the community by providing quality, full-service attention to their clients.

Kawehi Correa is the president and has been the face of the company since its opening. She has been active in pushing for the legislature approval of water cremation in the State of Hawaii. As a company, Aloha Mortuary is aiming to be pioneers in bringing and operating this innovative technology and eco-conscious option for sustainable practices.