Get your car looking brand new at Texaco’s Kapolei Car Wash

Sponsored by Texaco in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HI Now) - The HI Now-Mobile helps Kainoa, Rachel, and the team get all around the island to make stories happen. That means a lot of miles, and a lot of dirt. Today, we head to Texaco in Kapolei to check out their state of the art car wash and to get the van looking brand new!

Not only does Texaco in Kapolei provide great gas for your vehicle, they also have an amazing car wash! Choose between a touchless or brush wash, different packages to fit your needs, and enjoy an LED light show. With Texaco’s top package, your car will receive a wax and polish as well. With their new brush technology, your vehicle will receive a thorough cleaning from all angles.

Texaco in Kapolei’s car wash uses minimal water and treats the run-off soap at a treatment center before releasing it into the environment, allowing you to clean your vehicle and help the environment at the same time!

Get your car looking brand new at Texaco in Kapolei’s car wash today!

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