BookEnds provides community with education, imagination, and the love of reading

Sponsored by Alexander & Baldwin

HONOLULU (HI Now) - “Kailua is the best, Kailua is the best! That’s the only place I’ve ever considered opening because I know the demographics here, they’re fantastic,” says Owner Pat Banning.

BookEnds is a bookstore located in Kailua, giving customers a place to find education, imagination, and explore their love for reading! The 24 year old bookstore has an amazing selection of books, ranging from old and new material. They even have a wide selection of used books, providing a bargain for interested customers.

BookEnds has a book for every genre, including children, Hawaiiana, history, mystery and more! Pat says she enjoys the face to face interactions with her customers, giving her the opportunity to talk story and share her love for books! “It’s been a heck of a lot of fun,” she says.

Located at the Kailua Shopping Center and with plenty of parking, head on down to BookEnds today!