Enjoy good vibes, healthy food, and amazing surf fashion with The Sunrise Shack and Twin Islands

Sponsored by Alexander & Baldwin


About The Sunrise Shack:

The Sunrise Shack was started by the 3 smith brothers and good friend Koa Rothman. Their mission is to spread health and good vibes around the world! One shack at a time. We are so stoked to partner up with Twin islands, a legendary local brand here in Hawaii!

Health is wealth! Life is full of ups and downs, but anything is possible! They’re 5 years into this and they’re message reminds the same: Healthy food, good exercise, sleeping and being happy gives you more energy and makes you feel like anything is possible!

The Sunrise Shack has an amazing team and is always looking for more great talent on the island to work with. if you want to work with them, please check out our website www.sunriseshackhawaii.com or on Instagram @sunriseshack

About Twin Islands:

Twin Islands was established in 2009 by a Kailua brother honoring his late twin. Mike Miller drew up a logo representing his birthplace and hometown of Kailua. They’re brand represents the laidback lifestyle on the East side of Oahu.

What makes Twin Islands unique is that the brand never would have started without a twin brother losing his other twin. Both Mike and Pete were pro surfers sponsored by clothing companies, and had a love for surf fashion. Mike’s idea of creating a surf brand in his brother Peter’s honor was something he could do to relive all the great memories surfing together and wearing all the coolest gear. Twin Island’s vision is to just keep staying local and to be a Kailua brand exclusively found in Kailua and on their website at www.tisurf.com.