Get fit this New Year with Longs Drugs

Sponsored by Longs Drugs

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Longs offers a variety of items to get fit in 2022. Start your New Year’s resolution at Longs!

They carry yoga equipment, mats, weights, compression sleeves, belts, smart watches, fitness gloves, balance ball, resistance cords, massagers, and foam rollers.

Looking for a watch that can help you track your exercise? Only at Longs’ health hub locations will you find a show case of Fit Bits to help you track your movement and exercise!

Longs Drugs also carries nutritional supplements like protein bars and shakes, vitamins, and weight loss supplements.

Start off your New Year the right way with Longs’ selection of sports equipment! From sports balls to sporting gear like socks, whistles, ball pump & needles, cones, netting, and sports belts, they have everything you need to start playing with family or friends!

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