International Market Place retailers take part in Japanese new year tradition fukubukuro

Sponsored by International Market Place

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Fukubukuro is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within! Retailers at International Market Place are taking part in fukubukuro this year, so don’t miss your chance on some sweet deals!

Participating stores will be listed on their website at Some examples of participating stores include MCM, Vera Bradley, Surf Line Hawaii, Michael Kors, Opal Fields, Maui Divers and more!

When a customer purchases a Fukubukuro Bag from any of International Market Place’s participating retailers, they can present the bag to customer service where they’ll be able to pull from the Lucky Draw. Every draw is a win! Prizes include gift cards ranging from $10to $250! First come, first serve. Customers may redeem 2 Fukubukuro Bags per day while supplies last.

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