Mahi Pono implements responsible farming practices to make Hawaii sustainable

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Kainoa Carlson flew to Maui to learn about Mahi Pono’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. Mahi Pono works toward Hawaii’s food sustainability needs by growing food for local consumption that will reduce the amount of imported food to Maui and the rest of the state. They are stewards of the land, responsibly using natural resources including water.

Mahi Pono employs efficient irrigation technology throughout its farms, reducing water use and promoting healthy plants. They’ve installed weed mats which help to keep moisture in the ground, reducing water use and the need for herbicides. Meanwhile, Mahi Pono has planted one million trees.

And the local farming company provides high quality agricultural employment opportunities at its approximately 41,000 acres of agricultural land in Central Maui.

Since taking over stewardship of the vacant sugarcane land in 2018, Mahi Pono has been working to transform the land into a thriving hub of diversified agriculture.

Mahi Pono’s locally grown produce is sold under the Maui Harvest label and can be found at Foodland, Times, DonQuijote, Tamura’s Market and Longs.

For more information, go to:, Facebook @mahipono, Instagram @mahipono