Secure the device, secure the human with ES&A, Inc

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed so many aspects of our daily lives. Workplaces are no exception. Since last year, many employers in Hawaii and around the world pivoted to remote working, whether they were ready or not.

While this shift helped many companies stay in business, managing workforces that are remote or hybrid (combination of remote and in-person workers) bringsto the forefront awhole host ofissues, including security hygiene, cybersecurity policies, social engineering, and incident response, that are crucial to business survival.

Collaboration between IT and HR teams is essential to help make the transition a success.

Hawaii law firm ES&A provides integrated technology and employment advice to help employers keep their companies safe and compliant with the law. ES&A Director and Attorney Sam Sneed, who leads the firm’s Technology and Cybersecurity practice group, is here to discuss how to not only secure the device, but also secure the human.

ES&A Background:

ES&A was founded in March 2015 as a next generation law firm that is collaborative, cloud-based, and client-forward. The firm offers businesses an alternative to traditional law firm services and pricing, using innovative technology platforms and processes designed to deliver greater value at lower cost. Its mission: to help employers and business owners achieve their business goals, focusing on labor and employment law.