Behind the scenes look at Dezigns by Kamhoali’i in New York Fashion Week

Sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines

From mini fashion shows at the New York Botanical Garden, photo shoots, and filming Nature’s Runway, the Dezigns by Kamohoali’i team has been on the moves since touching down in New York City. “I’m super excited. I’m a little bit exhausted from all of the things we’ve been doing, but super excited to present Hawaii on the stage,” says Kumu Micah.

He and his halau performed at their media blitz, showing the foundation of who they are as Native Hawaiians to the media. It also consisted of a mini fashion show teaser, performances by Grammy Award Nominee Amy Hanaiali’i and Jeff Peterson, and hula.

Preparation for New York Fashion Week was not easy. Kumu Micah says they were stitching dresses and hemming cloths until the very last second. “Monday night, I was in my room till 6 in the morning still painting on some of the things trying to get it all done,” he says. Even through all the stress, he is very excited to slam it down on the runway!

Kumu Micah says people aren’t ready for what he and his team are bringing to New York Fashion Week’s runway. Expect to see a grand display of true culture with kapa pounding, chanting, singing, and dancing on stage. His fashion line will present lifestyle fashion from young to old, and the evolution of fabric and people as we progress through life. “We’re showing all Hawaiians of the runway,” he says.