Take part in all the wonderful offerings of the Hawaii Book and Music Festival

Sponsored by Hawaii Book and Music Festival

Roger Jellinek, Executive Director at Hawaii Book and Music Festival, says it started as a normal book festival and eventually grew into what it is today. The festival has deep dedication to Hawaiian culture, which happens to involve books.

Every day during the festival has a specific theme. Monday is Hawaiian culture, Tuesday is wellness, Wednesday is sustainability, Thursday is innovation, Friday through Sunday is authors. This year, Best Selling Author Lisa See will be presenting her newest book The Island of Sea Women. Other presenters include climate scientist Michael Mann and artist Solomon Enos.

Many are wondering what the next steps are in Hawaii’s economic recovery. Kate Raworth of Oxford University will be presenting her new book, Doughnut Economics: How to Think Like a 21st Century Economist. “It sounds a bit technical, but it’s a very easy read, and she’s a fabulous speaker,” says Roger. The book talks about circular economics, which Hawaii’s Aina Aloha Economic Futures organization focuses on.

Registration is easy and only must be done once. If you are interested in the Hawaii Book and Music Festival, please visit hawaiibookandmusicfestival.com for more information!