Turtle Bay Resort welcomes guests with newly remodeled hotel

Sponsored by Turtle Bay Resort

During the pandemic, Turtle Bay Resort took the opportunity to remodel the entire hotel! It would have been much more difficult if the hotel was open, but the shut down allowed Turtle Bay to finish the project within 9 months. They started off redoing the bungalows, then moved to the restaurant Alaia, and finally remodeled the lobby, pool deck, and outside of the building.

Tom Donovan, Vice President and Managing Director of Turtle Bay Resort, says the focal point of the hotel is the lobby. It’s the first thing people see when they arrive and it’s a key player in making guests feel special. The old lobby was big and spacious, but not very inviting. The new lobby encourages guests to hang out and relax with comfortable seating, a bar overlooking the bay, and beautiful landscapes with indigenous plants.

Turtle Bay Resort has a large property, and access to many different outdoor activities. “Every activity you want to do in the state of Hawaii, within 5 minutes from your guestroom door, you can go do it,” says Donovan. Activities include surf lessons with legendary surfer Jamie O’Brien, snorkeling and paddleboarding in the bay, horseback riding, helicopter tours, and mountain biking on property!

All these great renovations are only part of phase one of the project. Phase two will include the guest room interiors and meeting spaces. For more information, please visit turtlebayresort.com.