Kupuna Achiever Brother Noland shares excitement for new book, The Hawaiian Survival Handbook

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Brother Noland is no stranger to the local community of Hawaii. His award-winning music and songwriting have touched many people, and he continues to share his love for music and life knowledge to this day. He was separated from his parents at a young age, which caused him to view the world differently. “I think at a very young age, I was able to see the whole field, so to quarterback things. You just develop this innate leadership,” says Brother Noland.

Through his new book, The Hawaiian Survival Handbook, Brother Noland shares his passion for education and teaching others how to survive off the land. It’s an easy-to-understand book containing years of knowledge and experience passed down to Brother Noland. “I had a lot of mentors and a lot of life coaches that really made an impact on my life, so this is about 40-50 years of that knowledge tucked away in this little book, but its only the surface,” he says.

Although music made him famous, education and teaching are Brother Noland’s true passions. “I really enjoy teaching people how to live off the land, how to connect with the ocean, understanding the elements. That’s where I get my most joy in teaching.”

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