Adventist Health Castle now accepting new PCP patients

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Dr. Boram (Sunny) Lee, Primary Care Physician at Adventist Health Castle, says that PCPs are important because they are vital to optimizing your health and wellbeing. They help to screen for potential complications, treat chronic diseases, and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations or emergency visits. When choosing a PCP, its important to find someone you can develop a relationship with. Developing a sense of trust with your PCP helps to make doctor visits much easier.

A big part of a PCPs job is to routinely screen patients for potential diseases or complications. “We’re trying to catch disease before it actually happens or catch it early so that it doesn’t become something that’s untreatable,” says Dr. Lee. She is currently accepting new patients and does telehealth visits. Telehealth is an awesome way to get the care you need no matter where you are! The visit takes place over the phone, iPad, or computer and makes it easier for the doctor and patient.

There’s a lot of conflicting thoughts about COVID-19 and the vaccine because it’s so new. However, Dr. Lee encourages everyone to get vaccinated because of the large amounts of data collected on vaccinations. “I definitely recommend getting the COVID vaccine, not only to protect ourselves, but to those around you, your friends, and your family,” says Dr. Lee. “Because it’s so new and seems like people are being forced to take it, there’s still some hesitancy. I would love to have a conversation with anyone who has more questions about that.”

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