Adventist Health Castle creates better MRI experience with new technology

Sponsored by Adventist Health Castle

Adventist Health Castle is proud to announce that they have a new 1.5 Tesla higher channel MRI machine with state-of-the-art software. This new machine gives patients a more comfortable experience when receiving an MRI scan. It has faster scan times and has a wider bore for patients up to 500lbs. The machine itself is also much shorter than a traditional MRI machine.

The new technology provides doctors with clear and precise imaging lightyears ahead of the old technology. Before, doctors would struggle with poor quality images of the ducts and fluids of internal organs. Jeffrey Moser, MRI Department Head at Adventist Health Castle, says the upgrade in image quality makes diagnosing patients easier and more accurate. Patients have responded positively to the new technology, saying they are surprised how fast and comfortable the scans are.

Adventist Health Castle focuses on giving their patients the best service possible. They have a well experienced, friendly staff that are always looking out for their patients. If you need an appointment, Adventist Health Castle can schedule you in this week and have your test results within a day! Head to or call at (808) 263-5166 for more information.