Revitalize and reverse aging skin with Pour Moi Climate Smart Skincare

Sponsored by Pour Moi Climate Smart Skincare

Our skin can be divided into two layers, inside and outside. The outside layer of our skin receives the most damage because of its exposure to the elements. This exposure causes the skin to look aged. Ulli says that the key to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy is to use proper skincare. Pour Moi’s skin cream and skincare products are made in France with environmentally sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging.

Medical research supports that skin complexion is deeply connected with the local weather and climate. Ulli suggests the two skin creams to use for Hawaii’s climate is the Tropical Day Cream for hot and humid days, and the Tempered Day Cream when the weather starts to cool down. Try Pour Moi’s Climate Smart Blue Serum for hotter days, or White Serum for milder conditions. Enjoy a 50% off Back to School Fall Special on any of these products!

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