Honolulu Museum of Art to host new Artists of Hawaii Now exhibition

Sponsored by Honolulu Museum of Art

The exhibition features 13 site specific works created by 18 local Hawaii artists. The works range from traditional ceramics and textiles to a large variety of new media that will be displayed for the first time at the Honolulu Museum of Art. As you walk throughout the exhibit, quotes and words line the walls next to the art. Marlene Siu, Co-Curator, says that the quotes and words are provided by one of the artists who’s also a journalist. They help to give a different perspective on the images and art pieces.

The second phase of the exhibit hosts unique and interesting pieces like textiles with microscopic images of limu hanging from the ceiling and a display of pictures showing the kupuna arrested while protecting Mauna Kea. They even have a groundbreaking immersive art piece that has never been done at the Honolulu Museum of Art. It’s a projection dome that takes you to Pu’u Kole through virtual reality, a sacred spot on Mauna Kea. During your time in the dome, you will hear oli that tell stories of the sacred place. The exhibit is open until January 16th, so head to honolulumuesum.org to rsvp and check out Artists of Hawaii Now!

For more information: honolulumuseum.org