Enjoy Hawaii’s first homegrown chocolate with Original Hawaiian Chocolate

Sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Agriculture

Original Hawaiian Chocolate’s plantation opened in 2000 and is located high up on the slopes of Hualalai in Kona. They are the first to grow, handpick, sundry, and process 100% Hawaiian grown cacao beans.

From tree to barn is an interesting process. It starts as a tiny cacao blossom that develops into a small pod. The pods are harvested by hand and cut open to extract the raw cacao beans inside. The beans are then fermented in 122 degree sweat boxes for 6-8 days, and then placed out on drying racks for 25 days. After drying, the beans are roasted, the shell is removed, and the beans are broken into nibs. The nibs, along with other ingredients, are placed into a conch where it will mix for 18 hours to create the velvety smooth texture of the chocolate. Each piece of chocolate is hand poured into the molds and packaged.

Original Hawaiian Chocolate is Hawaii’s first homegrown chocolate. More importantly, they have acquired the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture’s Seal of Quality. This means that this is a Hawaii made, Hawaii grown, authentic premium product.

The chocolates come in all kinds of different sizes and designs. They have dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even sell the semi-sweet and healthier nibs. If you want more information on Original Hawaiian Chocolate, please visit ohcf.us.

For more information: ohcf.us, Facebook and Instagram: @originalhawaiianchocolate