Pour Moi’s Summer Essential Trio helps reverse aging skin

Sponsored by Pour Moi Climate Smart Skincare

Hyperpigmentation is caused by a combination of sunlight, heat, and high humidity. When exposed to all three elements, both the skin and pores begin to stretch. This can result in inflammation, clogged pores, and breakouts. You also lose the “youthful glow” that many individuals desire, because the skin is no longer able to reflect natural light. Humid climates can also trigger excessive sweating, which plays a part in drying and aging the skin.

Luckily, Ulli has developed the Summer Essential Trio that helps to reverse all the different aging factors that affect your skin. It comes with the Climate Smart Hydrating Balancer, Blue Serum, and Tropical Day Cream. All three skin products are specifically designed for Hawaii’s hot and humid climate.

For more information: www.pourmoiskincare.com/hawaii