All Things New Hawaii combines owners’ passions in “Coffee and Carpentry”

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Although life can get busy as owners of a successful construction company, the Breauxs always make sure to spend quality time together. This quality time is the basis of the show, which combines Tiffany’s love of coffee with Richie’s passion for woodworking.

In each episode, the couple creates a small wooden item for one of Tiffany’s favorite local coffee shops.

“We ask the coffee shop, ‘Do you have a need or a want?’ and then we bless them with it,” said Richie. In one episode, for example, they create a wooden bench for customers at a local coffee shop to sit on while they wait for their drinks.

“In any relationship or marriage, you have to make the effort,” said Richie. “The whole point of the show is that we get to spend quality time with each other, create in a space where we do two things we love, but on top of that, hopefully the show will inspire other relationships.”

“Coffee and Carpentry” will be available to watch beginning in July.

For more information:, on Instagram @atnhawaii, or at ATNproductions on YouTube.