All Things New Builds 3000-Square Foot Dream Home in Waimanalo

Sponsored by All Things New

“All Things New is a residential design-build-construction firm,” said Breaux. “We can connect you from the beginning of taking care of design, to route permitting, to construction.”

All Things New has in-house architects to help you design your dream home, or they can connect you with local designers if you prefer. From there, they install pipes, siding, roofing, and everything they need to complete the home.

As the Waimanalo house is receiving its finishing touches, Breaux says the excitement is building for the homeowners.

“Once the drywall is up, then you’ll be able to see paint colors go up, flooring go in, cabinets go up–– this is where it gets fun.”

Breaux says that All Things New’s work is like bringing a new baby into the world. He loves bringing homeowners’ ideal home to life.

“All those dreams and inspirations, putting them on paper and then bringing them to life, [we work] really hard to extract those, and then when it becomes reality, there’s an emotional attachment,” he said.

All Things New was awarded Best Builder and Best Interior Design by Hawaii Home Remodel Magazine and has been ranked one of the top 10 fastest-growing companies in the state.

For more information:, on Instagram @atnhawaii, or at ATNproductions on YouTube.