Get your roof in top shape with Kapili Roofing & Painting’s experienced team

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“We have experience in all types of commercial roofing systems, but our strong points are roof coatings, metal roofing and built up mod-bit roofing,” says Kapili Roofing & Painting Vice President Brandon Silva.

Kapili Roofing & Painting also partners with GAF Materials Corporation, the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in the world.

“We have a very wide selection of products that we manufacture, from asphalt shingles to single ply, and different types of roof coatings,” explains Kamal Yassine explains, the GAF Territory Manager for both Hawaii and Guam. “Kapili Roofing & Painting is part of the 1 percent of roofers nationwide that are GAF Master Select roofing contractors and GAF Certified maintenance professionals. We hand pick our certified contractors to ensure that our materials perform as intended.”

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, Silva says the biggest areas that they see fail on a commercial roof are things such as in-built gutters, drains, and depending on the type of roofing system areas of ponding.

“Ensuring that these areas are properly flowing helps ensure that during times of heavy rain fall, your roof performs as intended,” Silva says. “Not only does a leaky roof cause a hazard to building occupants, but it can also reduce energy efficiency.”

Maintaining your roof is essential to being prepared ahead of severe weather, and almost every roofing warranty issued by a manufacturer requires that the roof be properly maintained.

“When inspecting a roof, we see it far too often that a roof has prematurely expired due to a lack of proper maintenance. We recommend getting your roof on a maintenance plan to prevent more costly repairs,” Yassine says.

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