Condo Living in Kaka’ako & Ala Moana

Condo Living in Kaka’ako & Ala Moana

Honolulu is going through a major revitalization. In the limelight of this impressive urban revamping is Kakaako & Ala Moana, both neighborhoods seeing an unprecedented amount of new residential condo developments. Each neighborhood has its own special mixture of local businesses or shopping districts key to the condo dwelling residents.


Where is Kakaako?

Known by most as the “arts” district for its famed street murals and food-centric atmosphere, Kakaako has erupted with new housing developments which sprung up from the dated warehouses which used to line the streets. Now home to thousands of local residents, Kakaako is comprised of two main districts, Our Kakaako (SALT) & Ward Village. Both of these new communities are constantly evolving but one thing remains true, they both embody the liveliness which many residents of Kakaako have come to embrace.


What and where is Ward Village?

Ward Village is a master development plan by the publicly traded corporation Howard Hughes Corp. This massive redevelopment plan is home to some of the highest end luxury condos in Hawaii with price tags as high as $35,000,000. Don’t let some sticker shock scare you away from Ward Village. There are condos in all price ranges and most all the condo buildings being constructed have state-of-the-art amenities such as 20 person home theater, fully equipped fitness centers, steam and dry saunas, multiple pools, private chef kitchens, dog parks, golf simulators, massage treatment rooms, guest suites, and many more.

Howard Huges spares no attention to detail on their developments making sure the residents have every creature comfort they need while living in paradise. Due to the incredible location of Ward Village, many condo tower residents are blessed with breathtaking sweeping ocean views of Kewalo Basin Harbor, Diamond Head, and mountain views.

A common thread that holds Ward Village together is its mixture of green spaces which the developers have really focused on. Parks such as Victoria Ward Park are a main public amenity and are equipped with elevated walkways to connect to Kewalo Basin.


Featured Condos in Ward Village Kakaako:


Many of the residents in Ward Village enjoy their accommodations but the surrounding businesses are what also creates an incredible place to call home. The centerpiece of Ward Village is the South Shore Market, home to many local boutique businesses and eateries. In addition, Whole Foods Queen Street is the achor tenant which has its own private residential entrance for those living above in the A’eo tower – talk about convenience.


What and where is SALT Kakaako?

On the west end of Kakaako is SALT (AKA Our Kakaako). Salt is the more edgy arts district of Kakaako. Home to more loft style accommodations and a mixture of new and older high rise condos, SALT is the iconic neighborhood known for its street murals from POW WOW!, an arts collective which blankets the town once a year in massive multi-cultural murals.

The neighborhood is anchored by the main SALT restaurant and retail center. Home to many fantastic eateries, it’s also a hang for many local residents who want a cup of coffee or a stroll with the family – SALT has it all. Surrounding accommodations are mixed in with warehouses and public parks to make this part of Kakaako truly its own unique place to call home.

Featured Condos in SALT Kakaako:


What and where is Midtown Ala Moana?

East of Kakaako is Ala Moana. Most known for its famed Ala Moana Shopping Center, a staple in the Honolulu retail and tourism retail destinations, Ala Moana has a new crown and is now dubbed Midtown Ala Moana. Together with new condo developments, new businesses are moving into revitalize the area. Also know as K-town, Midtown Ala Moana is a popular choice for Koreans living in Hawaii. With a high density of Korean locals, the food and grocery options also are plentiful and culturally diverse.

Midtown Ala Moana is anchored by Ala Moana Shopping Center and hosts many new retail and restaurant developments on the ground floor of new condos such as Azure Ala Moana and others. While not a master plan, Midtown Ala Moana has undergone huge development with a large portion of the major street facing real estate being converted to new workforce and luxury condo towers.


Featured Condos in Midtown Ala Moana:


Finding the best neighborhood to call home is critical in the quality of life for you and your family. While there are many variables in selecting the right condo to buy, starting with the neighborhood can help focus your search efforts to find the best condo in Kakaako or Ala Moana. Honolulu has a wide range of condos to choose from. Ultra-luxury condos or affordable housing there are options for all future home owners to live in one of the best cities in America.