Dress your skin like you dress yourself with Pour Moi Climate Smart Skincare

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Have you ever tried using the same skincare while traveling and get a completely different result than you have at home? This is why Pour Moi has developed the very first climate smart skincare that’s formulated for the specific climate you’re in. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson spoke with Founder and CEO Ulli Haslacher to learn more.

Moisturizing skin according to climate is a groundbreaking approach in beauty. It’s part of a new trend called geo-moisturization. That’s why if you have two identical twin women living in different climates, but using the same cream, they will age at different rates. This is because they are not using products specific to the climate they are in.

The skincare line was also the winner of one of TIME Magazine’s Best 100 Inventions in 2020.

Haslacher has been working on the Climate-Smart concept her whole life, but she didn’t know it! As a child, she traveled the world accompanying her father as he worked as an outdoor powder coating painter. Intuitively, at a young age, she noticed how climate affected the surface of what he painted. This stuck with her for decades as Haslacher became a successful entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness space. Finally, Haslacher assembled a team of the best and brightest in science and beauty in France to explore the idea of climate smart skincare. Surprisingly, their clinical medical research findings far exceeded expectations!

Pour Moi has created six different climate-smart moisturizing day creams to match anywhere you live or anywhere you are going. Climate Smart Skincare actually makes your skin smarter and has the ability to jumpstart your skin’s own repairing process! Pour Moi Skincare contain formulations using clean superior premium European active ingredients, with high concentrations to garner clinically tested extraordinary results.

For more information: pourmoiskincare.com/hawaii