Give the gift of Hawaii’s tropical flowers with bouquets from Maui Floral

Nothing brightens up a room better than a vase full of beautiful, local flowers. HI Now hosts Kanoe Gibson and Kainoa Carlson are getting a look at some colorful arrangements from Maui Floral on this Seal of Quality Saturday.

You may know Maui as a remote tropical island paradise, but did you know that Maui has the world’s finest environment for growing tropical and exotic flowers? Trade winds swirling across the vast blue Pacific bring pure cool rains that nurture the island’s rainforests as well as the volcanic rich soil of its upcountry farms. And the combination of warm days, cool nights and dry summers create a perfect habitat for an abundant array of protea grown in upcountry Maui.

Today, Maui Floral is the largest protea farm in Hawaii, and one of the oldest, established 45 years ago. Located at the 3,200 ft. on the slopes of Mount Haleakala, Maureen and Carver Wilson grow a curated collection of Hawaii’s best proteas on 50 acres. The proteas are harvested five days a week and are then packed in gift boxes, bouquets and arrangements, often with other stunning Hawaii tropical flowers. These are then shipped to consumers around the globe. Maui Floral also produces and markets hand sewn iconic Hawaiian flower lei.

Maui Floral’s protea and exotic flowers are stunning and inherently sturdy, meaning they are long lasting and ship well! FEDEX has daily flights from Maui to the U.S. mainland and beyond, so these magnificent blooms can be sent directly from the grower to you or a loved one and make the perfect gift. Maui Floral is proud to guarantee fresh flower delivery and free shipping!

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