Try Day Trippers Mushroom Jerky from Opala Foods

Sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Agriculture

When it comes to jerky, there are a lot to choose from, but have you ever tried mushroom jerky? HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is tasting some Day Trippers Jerky from Opala Foods and spoke with Co-Founder Elijah Crow to learn more about the mushrooms used to make it.

Why the name “Opala Foods,” you may wonder? Many people in Hawaii know that “opala” means rubbish, so it begs the question and begins a conversation with people about resource streams, especially on our islands that have finite resources.

“While some resources are deemed opala, they are actually valuable and can be utilized and upcycled to produce amazing products,” Crow explains.

As for the name Day Trippers, Crow says that’s a cheeky nod to the fact that so few people know much about mushrooms besides the “magic” mushroom connotation.

“It doubles as a deliverable travel sized product for our jerky products that are perfect for snacking on your day trip to the beach, your favorite hikes or road-trip around the island,” he adds.

When it comes to Day Trippers jerky, the snack is made specifically from oyster mushrooms. Crow says a lot of people aren’t used to seeing these around the island. Right now, the jerky comes in two flavors: Korean Sweat Heat and Guava Street Mesquite. These are modeled after two of Crow’s most favorite tastes: Taegu and guava barbecue sauce. Watch out for more flavors in the future!

Opala Foods shelf-stable products are available online at and are shipped USPS. You can also find Opala Foods at the Kakaako Farmers Market and the Kapiolani Community College Farmers Market on Saturdays.

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