Try this recipe at home with Mahi Pono’s Hawaii Sweet Onions

Sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Agriculture

In Hawaii, people use onions in everything – from poke to beef stew! Some people even eat them raw, dipped in Hawaiian salt! HI Now hosts Kanoe Gibson and Kainoa Carlson are in the kitchen with how you can use Mahi Pono’s Hawaii Sweet Onions to make an easy recipe at home.

Mahi Pono is a local Maui farming company that owns and operates approximately 41,000 acres of agricultural land in Central Maui. Since taking over stewardship of the former sugarcane land, Mahi Pono has been working to transform the land into a hub of diversified agriculture.

Hawaii Sweet Onions are now being grown on more than 35 acres at Mahi Pono’s farm in Central Maui. These onions are the second Mahi Pono crop, sold under the Maui Harvest label, to receive DOA’s Seal of Quality. Grown in the rich, volcanic soil, and combined with Maui’s warm weather produces, Mahi Pono’s Hawaii Sweet Onion will be the ideal complement to any dish.

Soon you’ll be able to find the Maui Harvest Hawaii Sweet Onions at major retailers and markets island wide, including Times, Foodland, Marukai, Don Quijote and Big Save.

Among Mahi Pono’s diversified crops, its white, yellow, red and purple potatoes were the first to receive the Department of Agriculture’s Seal of Quality. Potatoes were actually the first row-crop planted by Mahi Pono in August 2019.

Mahi Pono is also cultivating other non-GMO food crops for local consumption including papaya, avocado, coffee and citrus. With several hundred thousand citrus trees planted, including limes, lemons and mandarin oranges, Mahi Pono is on track to become one of the larger U.S. based citrus operations.

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