Adventist Health Castle offers wide range of ENT treatments

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Health problems involving the ear, nose and throat affect everyone differently in terms of the severity. Luckily for those with persisting complications, Adventist Health Castle offers a range of treatments tailored to each individual. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson spoke to Dr. Darin Wright to learn more.

Dr. Wright is an otolaryngologist, which is a physician specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of problems in the head and neck area particularly those involving the ears, nose and throat. An otolaryngologist treats patients with chronic ear, nose, sinus and throat infections. They also treat growths and tumors of the neck including thyroid nodules and cancers as well as people with chronic swallowing and voice problems.

For some of the more common issues, treatment options at Adventist Health Castle include placing tubes in the ears, removing tonsils and adenoids, performing nasal and sinus surgery including balloon dilation of the sinuses, removing pallets from the vocal cords and removing tumors and cancers from the head and neck area.

Most patients are referred to an otolaryngologist with chronic or long-standing problems with sinus headaches, tonsillitis, ear infections, hoarseness or for work up of growths or tumors in the head and neck area. Long-standing allergic conditions in the nose and sinuses are also treated by an otolaryngologist

“The best way to see me would be to discuss whether or not referral to a specialist in otolaryngology would be appropriate with your primary care provider. Dr. Wright says.”Visit to learn about the services we offer and fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you’d like to setup an appointment with me.”

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