Spread aloha with tropical flower gift boxes from Green Point Nurseries

Sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Agriculture

Sending flowers if a great way to let loved ones and friends that you’re thinking of them, and spreading that joy through flowers is what Green Point Nurseries does best! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Chris Tanouye with a look at some tropical flower gift boxes available ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Green Point Nurseries offers unique, farm fresh flowers that are Hawaii-grown. The best thing about tropical flowers is that they’re perfect for every occasion, spreading the aloha spirit. There’s nothing like getting some fresh flowers to uplift your mood and brighten up your living space!

“We take the ‘green’ in our name seriously,” Tanouye says. “We capture rainfall for all our irrigation needs for our Kurtistown nursery and have both of our warehouses powered by the sun.”

Harold Tanouye, founder of Green Point Nurseries, started in the flower business when he returned to Hawaii from college in 1957. He wanted to live in Hilo, his hometown, and needed work. He recognized a demand for anthuriums, which military personnel and civilians were sending home to parents and girlfriends during the war via airmail and special delivery. That’s when Green Point Nurseries was born.

Green Point Nurseries has a strong focus on customer service. For example, the staff there arrange the shipping schedule not for their convenience, but for the convenience of customers. The team there hopes to continue to share the aloha spirit and the beauty and romance of Hawaii through flowers.

To order a tropical flower gift box, visit hawaiiangreenhouse.com or place an order by phone by calling 808-959-3535 locally or toll free at 1-888-965-8351.

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