HPU Military Campus programs help service members achieve educational goals

Sponsored by Hawaii Pacific University

Hawaii Pacific University’s Military Campus programs specialize in helping military service members, their families, and other non-traditional students achieve their educational and professional goals all while providing flexible options to do so.

“We have a lot of Associate’s Degrees, we’ve got a lot of Bachelor’s Degrees, as well as some Graduate Degrees,” says Mani Sehgal, dean of the College of Professional Studies at HPU. “The Associate’s Degrees we find are perfect for military members that are possibly in transition — they don’t know how long they’re going to be on island, they’re coming back to school and it’s maybe been a little bit of time for them.”

The two-year degree allows students to get their feet wet again. Sehgal says HPU offers criminal justice, cyber security, general business, health professions, even homeland security or math and supervisory leadership.

“We’ve been ranked number one in Hawaii for return on investment, which means that students are going to graduate and have immediately market-ready skills,” says Jennifer Walsh, HPU’s Senior Vice President and Provost. “So whatever their career aspirations or goals, we have a degree program that will help them advance in their career.”

Walsh says that because the workplace is going to be more competitive moving forward, now is the right time for learners of all ages to refine and refresh some of their skills to really help them standout in a competitive marketplace.

HPU provides an American education built on a liberal arts foundation recognizing the need for flexibility without sacrificing academic integrity. The university uses various traditional and distance learning course delivery methods to educate its students to live, work, and learn in an ever-changing global society.

“We’re really trying to cover a range of opportunities that highlight our distinctive which is applied learning and experiential, innovative programs that really prepare any learner for the next steps,” Walsh says.

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