Tasting single-origin coffee and chocolate from Waialua Estate

Sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Agriculture

Waialua Estate on Oahu’s North shore produces chocolate and coffee that rank among the world’s best. The estate only sells what it grows, which makes it easy to rep the state’s Seal of Quality. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is in the kitchen with Michelle Yamaguchi from Waialua Estate to get a taste of its tree-to-bar chocolate.

Waialua Estate Coffee & Chocolate is owned by Dole Food Company. Since its founding in 1901, Dole was at the forefront of making Hawaii the pineapple state, and today there are still 2,700 acres of pineapple in cultivation. As the only state that can grow cacao, Yamaguchi hopes that one day Hawaii could be known as the Chocolate State.

Yamaguchi says great chocolate comes from excellent farming, which can include cacao varietal selection, planting, harvesting and fermenting the beans. Second, the unique process of making tree-to-bar, single-origin chocolate. With chocolate from Waialua Estate, it’s all about highlighting the amazing fruitiness of its beans, including hints of both pineapple and banana.

The Waialua Estate chocolate factory is located In Dole Cannery, and the home of pineapple processing is now home of chocolate making. There are windows where you can look in and watch the process, especially molding and wrapping the bars. Waialua Estate also make large 1 pound bars for the culinary industry, used by Pastry Chefs at Alan Wong’s and Merriman’s, and chocolatiers like Choco l’ea in Manoa.

You can find Waialua Estate chocolate at Foodland Farms, Whole Foods, resort shops statewide, Dole Plantation and online at WaialuaEstate.com.

Like its chocolate, Waialua Estate’s coffee is also single origin, only from its estate. No blends. Its dark roast has notes of chocolate and its medium light roast has notes of green apples.

To learn more about how you can get the Hawaii Seal of Quality on your products, get more information here: sealofquality.hawaii.gov

For more information: waialuaestate.com