Check Out N Take Out: Shop these Made in Hawaii vendors online

Sponsored by Central Pacific Bank Foundation and Mahi Pono

In this weekend’s edition of Check Out N Take Out, HI Now hosts Kanoe Gibson and Kainoa Carlsona re sharing some products you can find at this year’s Made in Hawaii Festival online! Remember that with Check Out ‘N’ Take out on Hawaii News Now, you can always find out which restaurants and businesses are open in your community.

First up, a look at some offerings from Mahi Pono, co-presenting sponsor of the Made in Hawaii Festival. Mahi Pono is continuing its commitment to growing opportunities for Made in Hawaii products. The farming company transformed 41,000 acres of vacant sugar cane land on Maui into a thriving hub of diversified agriculture. When you eat a Mahi Pono Maui grown potato, you’re eating a potato that was picked a week before — literally the freshest potato available in the country!

Grown year-round here at home, Maui potatoes are unmatched in quality, taste, and freshness. Mahi Pono also offers its Maui Harvest potato chips — which are perfectly salted! Not thin and flaky, but thicker and crunchier! You can find Mahi Pono’s Maui Harvest potatoes at Foodland, Safeway, Times, Longs, and even Costco and Sam’s Club. And if you’re buying Hawaiian Eateries brand potato or potato mac salad, you’re eating Maui potatoes!

Next up, a look at some local artwork! Kristen Reyno of Lola Pilar Hawai’i creates contemporary photographic art using locally sourced flowers and fruit from around the islands. Inspired by her surroundings and Hawaii’s vibrant flowers, she developed a passion for photography. She wanted to honor Hawaii’s heritage, but in a contemporary way, using vintage Hawaiian quilts as inspiration.

Each of Kristen’s flower-quilt designs involves sourcing fruit and flowers from aunties’ backyards as well lei and fruit stands. She then hand-places each blossom, fruit or leaf into a design before she captures the creation on film. Her photographs are made into high-quality prints of many sizes that can be framed and hung in your home or office!

And finally, a look at natural skincare products from Ua Body on the Big Island! The company started nearly 30 years ago in Waimea, creating handmade skincare inspired by the fragrances of Hawaii. It offers products that can be used all over the body and currently offers lotions, dry oils, body and botanical creams, mists and soaps.

You won’t find any fillers or unnecessary ingredients in these products! Ua Body creates its lines using local and native ingredients ranging from the kukui, coconut, and macadamia oils — to its iliahi sandalwood. Its mission is to source ingredients solely from Hawaii and the team works everyday to reach that goal.

You can find these products and more online at the Made in Hawaii Festival from August 21-23. Shop online at

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