From rompers to leisure sets: Check out summer trends from Cookies Clothing Co.

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Now more than ever, you’re probably looking for ways to freshen up your summer wardrobe. You’re in luck because not only can you find the latest trends at Cookies Clothing Company, but you can also find cute, comfy clothes perfect for leisure wear at home. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson went shopping to see what she could find.

“This summer of course is a little bit different than our typical summer,” says owner Christina Cook Springmeier.

Normally, Cookies is your source for outfits and accessories for any occasion, like weddings, graduations, bridal showers, but all that is changing since those big gatherings are ruled out this year.

“We’re really focusing on a more comfy, leisure, casual look here at Cookies for this summer,” Springmeier says. “You have your same beautiful prints, soft colors, but it’s just going to be more comfortable, soft materials.”

One of Cookie’s must-have pieces is a strapless romper with pockets. This season, it’s featured in a subtle leaf print. You can also find adorable leisure wear sets in tropical prints that are perfect for lounging around at home or everyday wear like running out to the grocery store.

While you’re at Cookies, don’t forget to check out the sale rack! There you can find exclusive items that the store buys one-of-a-kind from designers. The items there are up to 75 percent off.

About Cookies Clothing Co.

Cookie’s Clothing Co. is focused on bringing “Fun, Flirty and Affordable” clothing for all generations, and believes every woman deserves to look her best! Since Cookies Clothing Co. is a smaller company than other major retail chains, it has the freedom to select only the best in cutting-edge and current fashions. Christina Cook Springmeier was born and raised in the clothing industry. Her parents, Howard and Darcy Cook, were the original co-founding partners of Bebe and Bebe Sport.

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