HPU nursing students experience hands-on learning at new Aloha Free Clinic

Sponsored by Hawaiʻi Pacific University

Hawaiʻi Pacific University’s Nursing Department is committed to educating competent and caring professionals in the practice of health promotion and healthcare. Graduates are life-long learners and leaders dedicated to delivering holistic care in the spirit of aloha for a global community.

“Nurses are needed more than ever as you know from the news, and we offer an excellent program that allows the student to really engage with nurses and physicians during their education,” says Pam Smith, the university’s nursing department chair.

As Hawaii and the nation keep pushing forward during the COVID-19 pandemic, our appreciation grows for the people serving at the front line of the battle: our first responders and health care professionals. Here in Hawaiʻi state, Hawaiʻi Pacific University’s highly recognized nursing program has been running in high gear. Nursing at HPU already has a reputation for hands-on opportunities for its students.

“People want to serve and give back to their communities and be educated in ways that they can do that,” Smith explains. “That really sends the message to us that our students are here for the right reasons.”

The newest chapter of service has HPU nurse practitioner students helping to staff the Aloha Free Clinic. That’s the new service for members of the community who are newly unemployed and now uninsured that’s being launched by Lt. Governor Josh Green, who is also a doctor, along with community physician, Dr. James Ireland.

“Our nursing students will be able to learn alongside others to provide in the community supervised care through both in-person as well as telemedicine to meet the needs across the lifespan in a variety of medical conditions. This hands-on learning and partnership allows that one-on-one specialized opportunity with a nurse and an organization, hopefully allowing them to springboard into the next steps into their career.”

Hawaiʻi Pacific University’s Nursing Department offers opportunities for students in Hawaiʻi and as well as across the nation.

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